Social, ethical and environmental responsibility

Social Responsibilities

A responsible approach to our wider community is important to the business. The conduct of the business towards social, environmental, ethical and health and safety issues is recognised to have an impact on our reputation and therefore the implementation and improvement of policies and systems is ongoing.

We continue to be committed to developing and implementing appropriate policies that create and maintain long term value for all stakeholders. Sound business ethics help to minimise risk, ensure legal compliance and enhance Company efficiency.

Our corporate social responsibility is managed through the Global Foundatation

Business Ethics

We expect all of our business activities to be conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and, in doing so we aim to maintain a reputation for acting responsibly and with integrity.

A whistleblowing policy is in place whereby employees report, in confidence, any suspected wrongdoings within the business. The Company Values encapsulate the Global Group’s business ethics and set standards that all employees should strive to achieve and ultimately exceed.


We recognise that the success of the Group is dependent on our ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain skilled employees.

Human Rights

We are committed to upholding and respecting human rights both within our business and from our suppliers. However, we do not currently have a separate human rights policy.

Health and Safety

Our people are our most valued asset and our commitment to protecting their health, safety and welfare is of paramount importance. Click here to review our health and safety policy information.

Environmental Commitment

Global Group is ISO14001 accreditated. ISO14001 is a series of international standards on environmental management. It applies to those environmental aspects which we can control and where we believe we can have an influence.  Click here to read more about our ISO14001 environmental management standards.