Operating temp

Globaltherm M  -10°C to 320°C

Industrial manufacturing applications require high performing energy efficient heat transfer fluids. Globaltherm® M is a highly popular thermal fluid used in all kinds of industrial manufacturing processes which require consistent operating temperatures and continuous service. Globaltherm M also ensures vapour lock and cavitation and eliminates the need for high pressure piping and equipment.

Globaltherm HF  -10°C to 320°C

Globaltherm® HF Heat transfer fluid is a heat transfer agent suitable for applications requiring single fluid heating and cooling including; plastics processing, moulding, casting, asphalt, paint and chemicals. Globaltherm® HF heat transfer fluid’s flashpoint is one of the industry’s highest at 530°F (276˚C).

Globaltherm MXT  -7°C to 320°C

Globaltherm® MXT is a highly resilient mineral based heat transfer fluid that contains a blend of additives to ensure long-lasting and trouble-free service.

Globaltherm® EXS

Globaltherm® EXS is a perfluorocarbon fluid and is thermally stable up to 400°C. This product is colourless and odourless, non-toxic and non-flammable. Please note – representative sampling still applies for monitoring this fluid to optimise operational output.

Chemical and speciality chemical manufacturing applications

Operating temp

Globaltherm Syntec  -3°C to 345°C

Chemical processing requires the use of specific heat transfer fluids that are designed to work to the correct temperatures for the manufacture of chemicals. Globaltherm® Syntec  is a modified terphenyl based heat transfer fluid used where high temperatures are required without compromise to thermal stability.

Concentrated Solar Power

Operating temp

Globaltherm® Omnitech 15°C to 400°C

Globaltherm® Omnipure -20°C to 326°C

Globaltherm® Omnistore 150°C to 600°C

We offer three thermal fluid products suitable for use in concentrated solar power applications.

Globaltherm® Omnitech is a high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid designed to meet the demands of liquid or vapour phase systems and indirect heat transfer.

Globaltherm® Omnipure is a highly efficient non-toxic, heat transfer fluid that is designed specifically for Concentrated Solar Plant (CSP), PET and plastics production and chemical industries.

Globaltherm® Omnistore MS-600 – is a molten salt heat transfer media used in solar thermal applications at very high temperatures. Omnistore MS-600 can safely withstand temperatures up to 600°C (1076°F), higher than most heat transfer media on the market today.

Marine applications

Operating temp

Globaltherm M  -10°C to 320°C

Marine applications require the use of heat transfer fluids that are specifically designed to work to the correct temperatures. Globaltherm® M  thermal fluid has excellent thermal and oxidation stability ensuring consistent operation at high temperatures for extended periods.

Asphalt manufacturing applications

Operating temp

Globaltherm M  -10°C to 320°C

Globaltherm® M is a high performing energy efficient heat transfer fluid for use in the manufacturing of asphalt. Globaltherm® M  ensures vapour lock and cavitation and eliminates the need for high pressure piping and equipment

Global Operations Management

A safe pair of hands is vital to move bulk liquid-goods properly. Global Operations Management  are experts in moving heat transfer fluid – throughout the UK and beyond – because we do it day in, day out.

Global Hygiene and Industrial Supplies

Global Hygiene are a leading supplier of quality cleaning chemicals, industrial supplies disposable products. We develop our own brand range of cleaning products designed with specific tasks in mind. The Global Hygiene brand of chemicals deliver exceptional performance.

We have many customers in the food industry sector who may prepare, manufacture or produce food and require specific cleaning products to clean, degrease and sanitise which are suitable for areas which come in to contact with food.