People, Culture and Values

Our people our central to everything we do.

Whether we’re providing strategic consultancy on a heat transfer system project, delivering engineering services on-site, recommending products or training your people  to make your business safer and more profitable, the success of our business starts and ends with the quality of the service our people provide.

And that’s why our team shares our vision and mission for service success.

Global Group Vision

The World’s leading strategic business partner, delivering sustainable and measurable value to impact safety, efficiency, and economics. 

Global Group Mission

We have the technology, the expertise, and the capacity to impact our business partners. 

Global Group Values

Our Values sit right at the heart of our business. They define what we believe in and what we stand for. Our Values are the guide for how we operate and help us make the best decisions.

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Our people are the heartbeat of our business. We are professional high performers and readily share our expertise. We attract, develop and retain the best people by acting respectful, honest and with inclusivity. 

Safety and assurance 
Safety is our priority, and our business depends on it. We have the training, experience and expertise to add measurable value to our business partners and help ensure workplace

We relentlessly pursue sustainability through the creation and delivery of world leading products and services.  

Corporate social responsibility 
We will minimise our environmental impact (and that of our partners) to create a more sustainable world. 

We manage our own and our customer’s costs to provide the most efficient solution and we support our local and wider communities and their projects through the Global Foundation. 

Our People
Central to everything we do.

Global Group 4 Values